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much for spending a little bit of time with us on this thanksgiving. and happy hanukkah, as well, to everybody celebrating there at home. lots of bookkeeping to take care of. >>> sam, meanwhile. samuel j. joining us in philadelphia this morning. right there in the middle of the oldest parade in the country. we'll talk to him in just a bit. ginger zee, meanwhile, outside in the sub arctic new york. hopefully the balloons shall fly this morning. and it is great to have paula faris, dan harris and sara haines all here this morning. happy thanksgiving. and happy hanukkah, guys. >> and thanks to everybody who tuned in to us this thanksgiving morning. >>> we have a lot to get to this morning. including lots of last-minute tips and tricks as you get ready to dig in with friends and family today. we'll let you know everything you need to know to get cooking. and sara promises to have good desserts that we can't wait to try ahead in "pop news." >> right? >> yes. i always bring food. >> josh is cooking. >> i am indeed. >>> we have a lot of weather to get to. and samuel j. all bundled up in
now? why the rules are about to be changed when it comes to using your cell phone mid-air. the government about to lift the ban on cell phones above 10,000 feet. what it all means for your next flight. >>> hijacked on the highway. dramatic, new video just released of this terrifying ordeal on a school bus, held hostage by a mad man. the incredible chase all caught on tape. how police rescued the children with the help of a hero bus driver. >>> and waking up today a free man. michael skakel granted bail. out from behind bars for the first time after 11 years after a court overturns his conviction. his cousin, robert f. kennedy jr., joins us live this morning, only on "good morning america." >>> and we do say good morning, america, on this friday morning. and it is so appropriate to see rfk jr. here with us in times square, on this 50th anniversary of the assassination of his uncle, president john f. kennedy. there, as you see the eternal flame at arlington national cemetery. and the white house flies the flag at half-mast this morning, as well. >> the images and sounds
in the crowd and in line. all poised in front of their tvs. join us today, won't you. it's #onedongma. >>> and it's very cold out there. but it could be worse than it is. that storm, going to make holiday travel a mess. looking live at flightradar24. lets look at the number of planes in the air already this morning. it's going to be a busy day with so many delays. you know too well about this, sam. >> wednesday, the big travel day delays on that day, as well. the good news here is that we're pretty much out of it on thursday. let's get everybody settled in to where the storm is right now. our area of low pressure that's caused so much problems in the south and the middle of the country is probably hanging right now right along the gulf coast. this low drives towards atlanta. passes north carolina. and moves towards new york city. right about this time tomorrow, the low is parked outside our doors in times square, spinning some of the worst wind and rain in our area. between now and then, it has the east coast to get to and a lot of folks traveling in the next 24 hours. there's some sn
. but what a mess. look behind me. this building used to be an art gallery. a lot of debris that we're used to finding and a lot more colorful. inside, nine children, six adults having a birthday party. they sheltered inside in the bathroom. and survived. unfortunately we can't say that for everyone else in the path of this storm. >> there it is. there it is. >> there it is. >> oh, my goodness! >> wow! >> reporter: a relentless barrage of twisters. >> wow. >> reporter: more than 140 tornado warnings paralyzing the midwest. >> oh, my gosh. you can feel the temperature change. >> reporter: one with winds estimated up to 200 miles per hour. >> we got debris. we got transformers blowing. chilling sunday prayers of survival. >> our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. [ screams ] >> reporter: cameras capturing every second -- >> go, go, go, go. >> reporter: as the deadly storm blasted through five states. >> we're seeking shelter right now. it's on the back porch. >> reporter: and after the nightmare, the eerie sound of nothing. entire neighborhoods in illinois flattened. >> we just s
>>> good morning, america. a massive arctic blast sweeping across the entire eastern u.s. at this hour. millions in the freeze, all the way to florida. snow coming down right now across parts of the northeast. get ready for a wet, slippery commute. >>> breaking the wall of silence. the owner of the miami dolphins finally speaks out about the bullying scandal engulfing his team. >> couldn't have been a worse nightmare. >> what he says now about the alleged hazing in the team's locker room. >>> watch this scary moment as a harlem globetrotter goes for an alley-oop. only to bring down the entire backboard crashing on to the court. his narrow escape all caught on tape. >>> elizabeth and val. >> you heard, tom. the biggest drama yet on the dance floor. one of the most shocking moments of the season. the couple sent home after three perfect 10s. val and elizabeth flying all night to be here live, only on "gma." >>> and good morning, america. on this november 12, 2013. you know what that means? look at the calendar. 11-12-13. a lot of people think that's a very lucky day. >> oh,
terrorists move to the u.s., after building bombs used to attack american troops overseas? this video being seen for the first time. how they were nabbed, trying to get weapons that could have killed more americans. brian ross with his exclusive investigation. >>> george zimmerman, a free man this morning. out of jail after battling accusations he held a gun to his girlfriend's head. served with divorce papers behind bars. is he facing federal civil rights charges next? ♪ i don't mind spending every day ♪ >>> he's cool. he's confident. he's seductive. now, it is official. rocker adam levine, revealed as "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. find out who else made the list, including one of our own, in moments. >>> good morning, america. new news coming in overnight. details about the dramatic crash of a lear jet, a medical flight just off the coast of florida. two people are missing. two people are dead right now at this hour. we'll have the latest on that just ahead. >> we will, we'll have an update. >>> also, it is the third and final day of our great car giveaway. and that mazda rig
. >>> we're going to begin with the u.s. and north korea, standing toe-to-toe, with the fate of an american citizen now at stake. he is 85-year-old korean war veteran merrill newman, who was visiting the communist country with a tourist group, when he was reportedly pulled off a plane just before takeoff. the u.s. is working through diplomatic channels, hoping to secure newman's release. >>> also breaking overnight, a rare and controversial u.s. missile strike, deep inside pakistan. targeted a seminary. among the people killed was the senior leader of the haqqani terrorist network. it's a group that's become a top enemy of u.s. forces in the region. >>> here at home, fireworks, certainly, from one of baseball's biggest names. alex rodriguez stormed out of major league baseball offices, calling a hearing about his suspension on drug charges a farce. >> i lost my mind. i banged the table and kicked a briefcase and slammed out of the room. >> reporter: an emotional alex rodriguez joined wfan hours after storming out of a arbitration hearing over his future in baseball. >> i was very upset. i p
] >>> and i hope you were with us yesterday. we've given away one car to this wicked awesome mom. we're back on the road right now. could be headed for your driveway. in just moments, it's fresh wheels for a deserving family. so, buckle up. [ horn honking ] >> good morning, america. >>> and good morning, america. cannot wait to see who gets the new car this morning. >> yeah. >>> we have real headlines from our abc news/"washington post" poll out this morning. some real bad news for president obama. his approval numbers at an all-time low. and we're also learning this morning that the white house was warned, as early as march, about problems with that health care website. >>> also this morning, a milestone. can you believe those are the mccaughey septuplets. today, they are sweet 16. we followed them from birth. >> that's a houseful. >> they're driving now. they're driving now. >> it's a schoolful. >> it's our abc news exclusive. we'll get to that. >>> first, let's get all of the news from josh elliott. >>> breaking news from overseas. two bombings outside iran's embassy in beirut, lebanon, t
studios as we speak. again, all the travel woes, it's great to have them here with us. >> can we have a count of how many times derek has won? >> five. >> five times, wow. amber was so jubilant when she won. saying, she wants women of all sizes to know they can do whatever they put their minds to. it was really inspiring. and well deserved. >> cannot wait to talk to them. >>> a lot to get to. let's get right to the latest on the holiday travel. busiest travel of the year. we have full coverage from extreme weather team. sam starts us off outside in times square. a roughly morning out there, sam. >> yeah, it has been, george. we're in a break right now in times square. but we're ten minutes away from another deluge of rain. that's the way it's going to go all day long. we'll show you how the rain goes, from the deep south into maine and beyond. quick zoom-in for some road surfaces. there's some watches and warnings out. 11 states with flood watches from georgia to maine. 12 states have wind weather watches, warnings or advisories. and 11 states have winter weather watches, warnings, an
into the world. u.s. assistance now on the ground. the general told me the american team will send c-130 aircrafts, one of their main goals will be to get critical sup pliplies to most hard-hit areas. >> more on the aid coming from the u.s. as the international relief mission swells is terry moran. he's on the ground there in m manila. >> reporter: night has fallen now on a nation in shock. the u.s. marines are swinging into action as the first responders. the two giant c-130 planes left here packed with sup plies this morning. they're the first of what is likely to be hundreds of relief flights. the initial deployment of marines, about 90 of them. one of their missions, looking for survivors. search and rescue. people trapped in the water. trapped by the water. meanwhile, a desperate search for news here. right now, at this stage this disaster just seems overwhelming to the people of the philippines. robin? >> thank you, terry. they said aid can't get there fast enough. for a way to help, go to >>> the latest on the efforts to freeze iran's nuclear program. secre
>>> good morning, america. breaking overnight, two u.s. secret service officers under investigation. one removed from the president's detail after allegations of misconduct. >>> and how did a single bullet from a service weapon end up in a hotel room across from the white house? >>> breaking overnight, the 20-somethings that turned down $3 billion from facebook. the guys behind the app your teenagers are using say no to the word's biggest social network. >>> behind bars this morning. alec baldwin's alleged stalker in jail right now, after testifying the relationship was consensual. now, surveillance video shows her lurking in the lobby of this building. her fate will be decided today. >>> and the buck stops here. how did this man end up butting antlers with an elk? and why didn't he run for his life? details this morning about his wild encounter, only on "gma." >>> and good morning, america. as we come on the air, look at this live picture right now. a sinkhole down in florida around tampa. and it's continuing to grow at this hour. power to the area has been shut down. part of the n
were with us. >> thanks so much. >> timgayle sayers has beeeen my >>> good morning, america. this morning, extreme weather. a large and lethal storm slamming the american southwest, with record rain, high wind and dangerous ice. and it's all now moving east, as we head into one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. >>> breaking overnight, airport panic. travelers at l.a.x. rushed to the exits after reports of a man with a gun. this, just weeks after the murder of a tsa officer. >>> from the airport to the air. look at this video from a scary flight. >> there's a bomb on the plane. >> a man losing it mid-air, alerting his fellow passengers. what set him off? and what happened next? >>> and finally found. an american woman kidnapped as a baby 20 years ago, allegedly by her own mother. where she was located halfway around the world. >>> good morning. lots to tell you about this morning, including -- >> settle down. >> what? >> good morning. >> well, after being delayed by bad weather, harry finally arrived in antarctica, for his adventure. the challenges he'll face along the
the entire country. he's travelled to times square to save us all on this very special morning. our exclusive with america's hero. ♪ >>> ladies' night at the amas. j. lo's salsa sizzles. one direction scores big with "story of my life" and pitbull brings down the house. and he's flown all night to get to "gma." >> just wrapped up the amas. on our way to "gma." so get ready. dial it. >>> and good morning, america. boy, you have to hold onto your seats this monday morning. so much action. pitbull here live. batkid roaming the halls. he's in times square as well and look who is back from his honeymoon. sam champion. >> speaking of roaming the halls. >> you were reintroducing yourself. >> i was going to bring pictures of my vacation. but i think you already had them. >> oh, boy. >> we have life-sized posters of sam on the beach. a little bit different than brazil, the weather out here. that storm has wreaked havoc over much of the country. it's headed this way and it's coming up, sam. >> got started in the southwest. it's going all week long. no way you won't be affected by this storming if you
that whole thing? >> he can share with us. he deserves the whole key. >>> we're going to begin with a fright ing meningitis outbreak at princeton university. abc's linsey davis is here with the very latest. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. the most recent days at princeton was diagnosed last weekend. the number of students diagnosed with meningitis on campus has caused new jersey health officials to declare an outbreak. but it's what the cdc is doing that's unprecedented. state and federal officials are taking drastic measures to battle the outbreak of meningitis on the grounds of one of the nation's most distinguished institutions. seven cases of the potentially deadly bacterial infection have been diagnosed at princeton university since march. >> it's very serious. >> reporter: so serious, in fact, the cdc is taking the unprecedented move of importing emergency doses of bexsero, a meningitis vaccine not used in this country. it protects against meningitis b, which is the particular strain the students have been diagnosed with. bacterial meningitis is a dangerous inf
. it will lumber eastward across the country, possibly impacting thanksgiving travel plans for millions of us. meteorologist, ginger zee, is all over this storm. good morning. >> good morning to you there. dallas, right now, under winter storm warning, just went into effect hours ago. and look at this. nine states, now, with some sort of watch, advisory or warning, as the south and southwest get slapped with a little bit of winter. snow, ice and wild winds. a storm is whipping the southwest with a bout of winter come early. >> the ice. >> reporter: in oklahoma city, the afternoon commute became the afternoon slide. overturned vehicles, roads turning to rinks, from abilene to lubbock, texas. almost half of texas roads are covered in ice. >> we had some rollovers. and quite a few people in the ditch. and still have people out there right now in the ditch. >> reporter: in phoenix, arizona, highways swallowed by almost two inches of record rain. the friday night lights, turned off. the wettest day of the year, postponing crucial high school football games. and the rulers are out, from kansas, to
of toys "r" us in new york city, checkout lines were packed in five minutes. 8:00 p.m. shoppers swarmed jcpenney. and this was the scene at macy's. doors and wallets opening wide on black friday eve. several walmart stores, hitting their peak capacity. further agitating those enthusiastic shoppers. and no issues here at best buy to report. they've had to send people in and out in waves. that's how busy things have been this morning. the big sellers are the tablets. those ipads. those flat-screen televisions. those, bianna, are the big, big door-buster deals that everybody's been walking out with today. >> all of those hot electronics. rebecca, thank you. >>> of course, you don't have to brave the crowds or the cold to get great deals. there are plenty of bargains just a keyboard click or two away. my kind of talk. becky worley is live via skype from oakland, california. we woke you up at 4:00 a.m. your time just to get the three best deals online right now. thank you. you're such a trooper. take it away. >> i'm feeling solidarity with my other shoppers up early. let's get to the deals.
driver called 911 for help, the rescue squad arrived, using rope systems and boats to get the kids to safety. >> it took a little over an hour to get everybody out. but everybody's safe and it's a good day. >> reporter: on land, emotional reunions with parents and grandparents who feared the worst. >> the kids are so brave to help out. my grandson just completed some cpr training through the scouts and some first aid training. and so, i'm glad he had that so he would be able to help everyone. >> reporter: all right. the 60-year-old driver spent a lot of time in that water. he remains in the hospital with minor injuries and hyperthermia. the accident remains under investigation, but amazingly, everyone is alive and well. robin, josh? >> the fast actions of so many involved really avoided what could have been a catastrophe. >>> we're going to turn from that water rescue to all of this weather. swamping the nation's middle. especially hard hit. >> we gave you the heads-up yesterday how far it was from our northern-most borders to our southern-most states. if you look in the austin are
it right down on top of us and through the middle of the country. so check out these temperatures. there are already single digits in the windchills this morning. saranac lake, 7.ç new york city feels like 26. washington, 27, cincinnati feels like 36. the cold shot to the east. it moderates a bit.ç but that's about to change. as the high drops a little bit, it brings in colder air from the west. that sets up what we're talking about, about this snowy event you heard in the headlines. minneapolis, today, 48. not cold enough to drop a lot of snow.ç starting tomorrow, there are about eight states that will be a good solid collection of snow. this is a real punch of snow. we ja,"%uu)(p& moisture to talk about. we'll talk about all of that in just a minute, george. >> thank you, sam. we'll turn now to the latest on friday's bloody rampage at l.a.x. we're learning new details this morning about how the gunman pulled off this terror industry and what may have motivated it.ç david wright is in los angeles. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. pretty much back to
in the war? >> i understand that in u.s. and western countries, there is misleading information and propaganda about pprk. >> could this be the first step toward his eventual release? >>> also breaking overnight, chopper crash. a police helicopter crashes into a club while a band is performing on stage. the intense efforts to rescue the revelers trapped inside. >>> buying and brawling. new images this morning of black friday gone wrong. record sales provoking bad behavior in the aisles. why would a woman bring a taser to the mall? >>> and they don't call him russ-diculous for nothing. russell westbrook with an amazing come-from-behind, overtime, buzzer-beater. wait until you see this play. >>> good morning, everybody. also coming up on "gma" on this saturday morning, a mystery illness in las vegas. dozens of young football players becoming violently ill right in the mildle of their championships. many of them rushed to the hospital. our dr. rich besser is here with more on this. >> some of the kids as young as 7 years old. >>> also ahead, miracle rescue. a teenager plunges 80 fe
is there. we'll let you come in in just a moment. first, josh has the other top stories for us. >> we're going to begin with a scare for passengers aboard an american airlines flight from miami to boston. you see the plane here. that plane forced to make an emergency landing in orlando when its windshield cracked at some 30,000 feet. making it hard for the pilots to see. thankfully, the plane managed to be landed safely and no one was hurt. >>> aid workers trying to help victims of that killer storm in the philippines are now dodging gunfire as the scene becomes increasingly desperate. we're getting a new look at the devastation in these before and after pictures. you see entire neighborhoods swept away, ceasing to exist after that monster typhoon struck. just overnight, the death toll topped 2200. but the hundreds of thousands left behind are fighting to survive. no food. no water. and abc's terry moran is now in the storm zone. good morning, terry. >> reporter: hello, josh. the sun is going down on day five after the typhoon struck. and the exodus here continues. thousands of people
their homes. while more u.s. military helicopters are arriving, finally getting some food and water to the hardest-hit areas. but it comes one week after the monster typhoon hit. >>> and finally the big highlight from the guinness world records day. don't knock it until you say it. the guy you see here set a record for the number of bottles walked on. he made it across 60 champagne bottles without flinching, for some reason. >> well, congratulations. >> the better world record here, was this. take a look. longest-ever basketball shot. a harlem globetrotter rookie named corey law, from 109'9." it's impressive. had anybody been watching in 1985 from westchester park, i hit it from at least 300 feet. >> at least. any video? >> i just don't have the proof. >> going down. >> i promise. >> it was a simpler time, 1985. >> thank you, there, josh. we appreciate it. >>> now, to the embattled mayor of toronto, rob ford. the city council moving fast to make him mayor in name only, after a series of outbursts and bizarre comments. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: after showing up t
us through the nuts and bolts of this deal first. >> reporter: dan, what an extraordinary scene it was in the wee hours in the hotel behind me. this is a temporary deal but still a big deal. iran has agreed to freeze much of its nuclear program and it has agreed to open key nuclear facilities to daily inspections by foreign officials. what does iran get? money. $6 billion to $7 billion in sanctions relief. and finally, this is a temporary agreement, six months to buy time, build confidence, trying to achieve a comprehensive deal, as the president was describing. that's a far, far tougher thing to do, though. >> terry, this has caused a major divide between the united states and israel. israeli prime minister said that the world has become much more dangerous. who's right here? >> reporter: well, that depends on what happens next, there's no question that israel and many critics of this deal, democrats as well as republicans in the united states, they don't want to see a freeze of iran's nuclear program, they want to see a rollback, a rollback to zero, no reactors going, no centr
by about ten feet away from me with his gun pointed. >>> we got him. u.s. officials are calling it the best day in the war on terror since the killing of osama bin laden. how they took out a top taliban leader, the mastermind of an attack in times square. >>> sticking the landing. a woman parachutes out of the sky and lands in the passenger seat of a moving convertible. she tells us how she pulled this thing off. >>> and tale of the tail. scientists decode the hidden messages in the wagging of your dog's tail. and our sara haines hits the park to test it out. >>> good morning, everybody. let's get straight to our top story. the violence and panic inside one of america's busiest airports. and here he is. 23-year-old paul ciancia. he's accused of bringing an assault rifle and 100 rounds into los angeles international airport yesterday morning. >> there was chaos and confusion inside terminal three, as the suspect allegedly killed a tsa officer and shot two other people, before he was seriously wounded in a shoot-out with police. we have live team coverage this morning, starting with abc's cec
-house with us to talk about this. looking forward to that. >> looking forward to that. >>> we're going to start with the breaking news out of utah. a speedy verdict in the trial of a doctor accused of murdering his beauty queen wife in the bathtub of their suburban family home. all to make room, allegedly, for his young mistress. just hours after getting the case, the jury came back in the middle of the night with a verdict. in a moment, we'll hear from our chief legal analyst, dan abrams. first, here's abc's aditi roy. aditi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. it was a late night for jurors. the verdict was read in the middle of the night. the jury found martin macneill guilty of murder and obstruction of justice, after deliberating for 11 hours. >> we, the jury, having reviewed the evidence in the case, find the defendant, as to count one, murder, guilty. >> reporter: the shrieks of joy came the instant the guilty verdict was read. martin macneill's daughters sobbing, while their father remained expressionless. family members spoke about the crusade to prove that martin macneill ki
the unprecedented move of importing emergency doses of bexsero, a meningitis vaccine not used in this country. the vaccine, only licensed in europe and australia, protects against meningitis b, which is the particular strain the students have been diagnosed with. bacterial meningitis is a dangerous infection of the protective membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. it's spread through respiratory droplets exchanged through close contact, such as coughing or kissing. >> you typically will see someone saying i'm not feeling well. and if a matter of hours or less, they get very sick. >> reporter: if the plan is rolled out, it could aim to inoculate 8,000 graduate and undergraduate students at princeton. university officials, however, would not say if the vaccination effort would be launched. the cdc tells abc news, the risk for princeton students is quite high. the fda has not approved a vaccine to combat meningitis b here. that strain tends to be more common in europe and australia. symptoms of meningitis typically develop within three to seven days after exposure. so, not right away. t
of people will never be able to use the site for health care. >> they're lowering the bar on success. >>> on a lighter note, take a look at this. this is the hilarious alternate ending of "breaking bad." we'll talk about that coming up in "pop news." >>> we'll start with the concern this morning of severe weather. meteorologist ginger zee has been tracking it all. ginger, this is something that you're really concerned about. >> right. here's how it's going to go. we got the warm air and then the cold. this large area and a strong jet stream that's going to fuel these dangerous storms. it's going to start late morning for some folks and go through the overnight. from mississippi to new york. the heart of it, the part we're most concerned with would be the tornado risk from indiana, south bend back to evansville, the moderate risk includes chicago, detroit, louisville. this is a serious day. one of those days we're telling you right now, later this morning through the overnight, you have the possibility, the potential for damaging winds of 80 miles per hour-plus. some really, really da
is familiar with shoop, who is known for having a drug problem. using heroin and molly, a highly-potent form of ecstasy. and police say he left behind a note. the alleged shooter left behind a note. they're still trying to figure out exactly what happened here. investigators are talking to his parents and brother and searching that home, george. >> thanks, gio. >>> joined by an eyewitness at the mall last night, kimberly. thank you so much for joining us this morning. tell us what you saw. >> well, first, i actually heard the gunshot. i work in a boutique right next to nordstrom. and all of a sudden, i saw a man dressed in black. and he was holding a rifle right next to him. and it was pointed upward. and all of a sudden, i saw him shoot it. >> was it pretty clear to you that he was not trying to shoot at people? >> well, he was holding the rifle upward. and he shot it upward. so he wasn't shooting at anyone. it was scary. >> and yet, he was coming right towards you? >> yes. he was just walking slowly towards our side of the end of the mall. >> when you saw him coming, what did you do next?
-shaking hitmaker luke bryan live with us this morning for a very special concert. and, lara, he is up for three awards tonight, including entertainer of the year. >> funny you should mention that, robin, because this is big. you get to present that award, the final award of the night. i dare say, the biggest award of the evening. are you ready, girl? >> i'm ready. i'm set. it will be fun. >> a long, fun day for robin. >>> right now, let's get to last night's election win results. big win for chris christie. boost for his residential prospects. the clintons' close friend, terry mcauliffe, winning in virginia. the tea party taking a hit there. jeff zeleny covering it all for us. good morning, jeff. >> reporter: good morning, chris christie easily swept re-election, a major republican win in a democratic state, but it sure sounded like he had more than a second term of governor on his mind. overnight, chris christie's sweeping victory speech. >> how about this, new jersey? >> reporter: sounded more like the soaring announcement of a presidential campaign. >> a dispirited america, angry with their
out. terry, good morning. terry, walk us through the nuts and bolts of this deal first. >> reporter: okay, dan, what an extraordinary scene it was in the wee hours in that hotel behind me. after a marathon session -- here's what you need to know -- this is a temporary deal but still a big deal. iran has agreed to freeze much of its nuclear program and it has agreed to open up key nuclear facilities to daily inspections by international officials. what does iran get? money. $6 billion to $7 billion in sanctions relief. that's a small portion of the crippling sanctions that brought iran's economy to its knees. and finally, this is a temporary agreement, six months to buy time, build confidence, trying to achieve a comprehensive deal, as the president was describing. that's a far, far tougher thing to do, though. >> and terry, this has caused a major divide between the united states and israel. president obama saying that the deal opens up a new path toward a world that's more secure. israeli prime minister counter that by saying that the world has become much more dangerous. who's rig
that we use all the time. >> reporter: in an interview with fox's jay glazer, he speaks candidly about allegations that he bullied jonathan martin. >> this iss an issue of my and jon's relationship. >> reporter: the so-called threats the intimidation, were nothing more than common locker room banter. >> this speaks to -- it speaks to the culture of our locker room, it speaks to the culture or our closeness. >> reporter: dl fins players spoke about their embattled teammates. some defending incognito. >> reporter: but some were still perplexed about the whole controversy. >> i think it's just confusion. >> reporter: right now, incognito is still on the miami dolphins roster but on suspension, we don't know if or when he will return to the team. >> clearly a man trying to save his career and reputation. >>> we'll turn now to the disaster in the philippines, where officials fear the death toll could reach 10,000. we're now getting a clearer picture this morning of the extent of the massive damage, abc's ginger zee is here with the latest. ginger, these numbers are expected to climb? >> it'
that's what i regret most. but that's a product of the environment and that's something that we use all the time. >> reporter: in an interview airing today with fox sports' jay glazer, the miami dolphins star speaks candidly about his confrontations with jonathan martin and allegations that he bullied the second-year lineman. >> someone thinks of bully and they think richie incognito. >> this isn't an issue of bullying. this is an issue of my and jon's relationship. >> reporter: the 30-year-old maintains the so-called threats, the intimidation, were nothing more than common locker room bantering. >> this all coming out speaks to -- it speaks to the culture of our locker room, it speaks to the culture or our closeness. it speaks to our brotherhood. >> reporter: dolphins players this week spoke about both of their embattled teammates, some defending incognito. >> we know what kind of guy he is and we want everybody else to know the same thing. >> reporter: but were still perplexed about the whole controversy. >> we don't have anything bad to say about jonathan. i think it's just confusion
." >> the families joining us live this morning. i cannot wait to see them again, after one of the great nights that i was allowed to spend when they all found each other again. it was beautiful. absolutely beautiful. >>> and speaking of waiting. wait to put on the mascara until after you see this incredible homecoming. we're glad that you're bringing it to us. >>> also, "gma's" great car giveaway. all comes down to the fifth and final clue somewhere in our program. these are the three brand-new cars. and the key to unlocking one of them is just ahead. we'll get to that. but let's get right to the massive storm that's slamming the philippines. it's happening right now. isn't it, sam? >> this is one of the lifetime events that i don't think we'll see in our lives again. when we look at this storm right now, that we know of on the planet, the fourth-strongest tropical cyclone to ever develop. it is the strongest ever to make landfall, ever, ever. you can take this. let me show you what this looks like. take this eye. and let me get just a little bit closer into this. you can see it better as it m
will never be able to use the site to sign up for health care. of course, that is when the site is up and running. >> they're lowering the bar on success. we'll talk about that in just a minute. >>> on a lighter note, take a look at this. this is the hilarious alternate ending to the hit tv show "breaking bad." the lead actor bryan cranston channeling his much meeker past from "malcolm in the middle." we'll talk about that coming up in "pop news." >>> we'll start with the concern this morning of severe weather. meteorologist ginger zee has been tracking it all. ginger, this is something that you're really concerned about. >> right. this is a dangerous situation setting up. here's how it's going to go. we got the warm air and then the cold. you've got those basic elements coming together. this large area and a strong jet stream that is going to fuel these dangerous storms. it's going to start late morning for some folks and go all the way through the overnight. all the way from mississippi we're talking to new york. the heart of it, the part we're most concerned with, would be the torn
to look at these reunions. >> yeah. there's moments i feel like they get us all, the moments when military members reunited with their family. we are calling this "operation homecoming." for us, an inside look at the emotional toll and the sacrifice, from the thousands of miles of separation, as we travel back with the troops. three of them there. you see these are some unbelievable moments, when they return from afghanistan, to see their loved ones again. can't wait to bring it to you. >> looking forward to that. >>> let's get right to the story that broke before our west coast broadcast. the agency is in the first stages of removing all transfats from your food. a major change at the kitchen table and at the grocery store. what are they doing? >> this is a huge story. trans fats, are in pizza, popcorn, bakery items, margarine. the fda ruled these transfats are no longer considered safe to use in food. manufacturers have to reform the products and get them out. >> they affect cholesterol. >> they raise your ldl or bad cholesterol. lower hdl or good cholesterol. if you get them out of the
.a.x. shootout and that high school class mate tells us that it was a small school, everybody knew everybody. but ciancia kept to himself. >> sometimes this is often what we hear in cases like this. >>> a scary and dangerous moment on the las vegas strip. at a performance put on the cirque du soleil. this comes just four months after a another fall in vegas and abc's tai hernandez is on the story. >> reporter: we're told by the hospital now that performer is in serious condition, cirque du soleil is known for its death-defying stunt. performers run even jump rope 40 feet above the ground. you can imagine the audience's reaction when he fell. sources tell abc news that he's doing well this morning after he slipped and fell from the 40-foot tall wheel of death friday night. it brought the performance of cirque du soleil to a terrifying halt. they stated overnight that a performer is in stable condition and expected to be released from the hospital in the next few days. . in the past, performers have defended the show's safety records. >> there's so many safety measures in place. >> reporter: i
in the l.a.x. shootout. and that high school class mate tells us that it was a small school, everybody knew each other. but for some reason, they shay ciancia kept to himself. only a few people there kept to themselves. >> sometimes this is something we often hear in cases like this. gio, thank you. >>> a scary and dangerous moment on the las vegas strip. at a performance put on the cirque du soleil. an acrobat, performing on the wheel of death, high above the stage, slipping and falling with the audience looking on horrified. this comes just four months after another fall in vegas and abc's tai hernandez is on the story. good morning. >> reporter: we're told by the hospital now that that performer is in serious condition, cirque du soleil is known for its death-defying stunts. and the wheel of death is no exception. performers run, even jump rope, on the spinning wheel, 40 feet above the ground. so, you can imagine the audience's reaction when he fell. friends and fellow acrobats tell abc news that junior espinoza is doing well this morning after he slipped and fell from the 40-foot-tall w
a lavarlo para que quede como nuevo. >>estÁ bien, el verde me queda bien. ahora cuando lo use recordarÉ que debo comunicarme apropiadamente, especialmente cuando digo: ¡huellas arriba! cc: telemundo network (3o5) 887-3o6o narrador: hoy jay jay sale a volar en busca de ayuda para su amiga la mariposa. ¿podrÁ encontrar un calido hogar para su amiga antes de que llegue el frÍo invierno? >>puede quedarse aquÍ. narrador: bien. sÉ que visitaron la pradera sonriente, pero, ¿estÁn listos para descubrir la pradera cantante? herky: acerquÉmonos para ver mejor. [♪] cc: telemundo network. ♪ el sol sale alegre sobre tarrytown, un lugar lleno de felicidad. ♪ ♪ allí encontrarás un amigo singular, jay jay. ♪ ♪ jay jay, el avioncito. >>¡soy yo! ♪ nunca podrás ver a un chico tan feliz. ♪ ♪ el cruzar el cielo lo hace sonreír. ♪ ♪ vamos a ver qué bueno es él. ♪ jay jay... ♪ jay jay... ♪ jay jay el avioncito... >>¡soy yo! [♪] narrador: era un cÁlido y soleado dÍa de verano y jay jay el avioncito estaba apresurado por encontrarse con una a
. >>¿por quÉ no use la ropa de trabajo indicada mientras hacÍa todos esos trabajos? asÍ no habrÍa arruinado mi tutÚ, y podrÍa hacer mi baile de hada arco iris. >>no te preocupes, b-max dijo que inventarÍa algo para solucionarlo. [♪] >>¡aquÍ estÁ, mi nuevo magico lavamil! sirve para lavar ropa y tendrÁ tu tutÚ limpio en muy poco tiempo. >>oh, gracias, b-max. y mientras lavas mi tutÚ, terminarÉ de pintar por ti. >>es un buen trato, pero esta vez... >>ya sÉ, esta vez usare la ropa indicada para el trabajo. mi traje para pintar. >> bien pensado, razzles. >>razzles debe tener mucho cuidado. yo lavÉ mi tutÚ y se encogiÓ. asÍ que ahora tengo este atractivo collar para gato. >>listo, terminÉ. >>buenas noticias, razzles. terminÉ de lavar tu tutÚ y estÁ completamente limpio. >>¡ah! son fantÁsticas noticias, b-max. >>ahora solo debemos colgarlo para que se seque. >>¿cuÁnto tiempo tardara? >>ay! el resto de la tarde. >>pero eso significa que no estarÁ seco a tiempo para mi ballet. >>lo siento, razzles. >>¡ay! no es tu culpa, b-max. pero no podrÉ usarlo para mi baile del hada
causa divorcios, ques qu la gente use cuentas por sep a separado, esto tiene que ser en cuenta juntos. entonces esta e cuenta los obliga a platicar, y discutir las decisiones >>no tengo problemas en compa compartir la carne, si el din o dinero. me sorprendo, pense que eras de lo que eras cada quien por su a lado, y me resultas un r romagnolromagnolntico de las finnazas >>no, es que lo vivi, yo estaba en la lucha libre por las fin z finanzas, y quise adcacabar c t esto, nos sentamos, trazamos una cuenta para los dos. cuando uno tiene una cuenta deja de ver a esas palabras donde dices lo m o mÍo, lo tuyo y se dice nuestro dinero, nuestras mtvaestas. >>el publÚblico tiene pregunta l llame al nÚmero en pantalla con sus preguntas para el experto en finanzias a a andrÉs. >>seÑora apunte y haga su pre pregunta. >>amigos, vamos a pausa, en un n nuevo dÍa, messi lesionado, le diremos hasta donde podrÍa esta musica seÑor, seÑora que nos ve en c i casita, gente bonita de nueva york, esto l ovio vi. logran exr a venado en new jersey una fle h flecha enterrada en la cabeza, e el
empezaste muy chuita? >>>Íja que no tanto, lo qu pasa que me comprÓ us crema y buenas, porquno me he operad po estoy muy ntenta, tengo 42 en este momento, y muy contenta porque a esta edad puedo decir que estreno miteatro, h en la noche estno el adria barraza, estÁn intadoson mi obra >>> quÉmaralla, sobre todo al momento deomprar titila alegrÍa con otras actrices, con otros talentoslatinoamerican de haber sidoombinada oscar y recibir esgran noticia ¿quÉ es lo primero que viene a la nte de un artista cuao recibe este premio? >>> estabas en cÁmaras, y sabes quÉasa te sientes que metieron un gol con lo cual ganÓ tu lecciÓn, brinquÉ, llo, abcÉ a mi marido le llame a mi hija,ra una emociÓn tan increÍble y de eso hablo y me y el gusto, porque hab de mi experiencia de oscar en obra >>> ahora tbajar con artitias de hollywood, uno dice hijoles pa romper barrererererererereÚ has estado ahÍ, quÉ ? >>> estamos en el momento correcto cci correcto, con la persona correcta y la hora crecta eso te lo regala dios y te lo da, pero sÍ no ess preparada con quÉ lo sostiene tÚ >>> maestro q
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